What I have Accomplished Since Being in Ghana

This post is for anyone is interested in what I have accomplished during my time here in Ghana.  My job has been very dynamic and I’ve filled many roles that have not directly fallen under my job description.

At the beginning I evaluated the office space that my NGO was working out, this included conducting an energy audit, a green impact assessment and conducting interviews with office workers.  Following these assessments I created a sustainability plan for the office. Later on I conducted the same evaluation for five of our partnering organizations.

Since some office changes needed money, I wrote a proposal to obtain funding from the Environmental Sustainability Fund. I also ran training for office staff on what in-office changes will be made and why.

I created/designed and facilitated an Eco-Entrepreneurship workshop.  This workshop is now run every three weeks.  I flew up to our other Hub in Tamale to Facilitate the workshop there and to train the trainers so that it can be run more often.  After leading the workshop many times, Canada asked me to lead a webinar so that it can be run in 6 different countries and 12 cities.  In prep for this I created a facilitators guide and eventually lead a webinar event where 10 other hubs attended.  The Eco-entrepreneurship workshop covered basic terminology including terms like Green Economy, Social entrepreneurship and eco-entrepreneurship.  The workshop also covers what you can do to make your business more “Environmentally Sustainable”,  Case Studies and a segment on “How to Pitch a Green Idea”.

During my time here I also assisted with the internship program meeting with solar companies and waste management companies to build relationships to see if they have the space to host an intern that is interested in this industry.

I also had frequent meetings with start-ups that are interested in being green.  I assisted them to achieve green standards so that they are eligible for many out of country grants.

In general I enjoyed my work and will not forget the people that I assistant and the friends that I made.


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