Green Nima Project

When I spend a weekend in Accra I volunteer with the Green Nima Project.  The Green Nima Project is a project that three NGOs are coming together for one common goal.  The common goal is to bring locally grown food back into classrooms and into households.  A couple of decades ago every school is Ghana had a farm attached to it and part of the education system was to learn about agriculture and best practices that are relevant to that region.  This has been removed from the education system and The Green Nima Project is trying to bring it back.

Nima, a Muslim dominated neighbourhood of Accra which emerged in the 1940s, is a melting pot of ethnic groups and nationalities, especially from northern Ghana and the Sahelian countries of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. The three NGO’s that are coming together are Hipster’s of Nature, The Mother’s Club of Nima and a German Development Cooperation. Together they are starting Ghana’s first ever community multi-storey gardens.

This project will help to set up about 1500 urban gardens for 250 households and 5 schools. School gardens will be managed by teachers and students.  They are growing vegetables such as, okra, lettuce and many fruits using locally available materials for the containers and for the substrate (compost, chicken manure, sand, gravel). Participants will learn how to obtain seeds from vegetables and fruits in the market and how to cultivate seedlings from them.

Many households will be trained in multi-storey gardening, nutrition and how to be self-reliant. It is also expected that these households and schools will also be able to generate some income from the implementation of the multi-storey Garden. By the consumption of the self-grown vegetables and fruits as well as with the income earned, these households will be able to provide good nutrition to the household members and students.


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