Crossing Borders

One of my colleagues had to go to Togo due to her Visa requirements so luckily I was able to join her.  We started by taking a Trotro from accra all the way to the bordering town of Aflao.  From there we walked across the Ghana-Togo border.  We had to go through a couple of different buildings the first was to check our yellow fever vaccination cards which as we went though Kelsey was looking a little tired and she did not realize what this building was for.  So she got asked a lot of questions about how she was feeling.  She said that she had a long day and was not feeling well.  He asked if she has taken or has medicine to take.  She said nope.  He looked a little concerned about proceeding, at this stage Kelsey had not idea what was going on she thought that he was just being polite.  She made a joke that she just really misses her husband and he said that he hopes that she becomes happy again soon (they love when white people make marriage jokes).

The next building was the building giving us permission to leave Ghana, which was pretty much making sure that we had the correct visa, at this time a struggled a little because many officers made many sexual connotations and were joking but were partly serious about me setting a date to take them back to Canada… in order for me to get by this check point.  I kept it light and laughed it off with them but I would definitely recommend anyone crossing this borders that is a young female to wear a fake wedding ring to avoid getting these questions.  

The third building was a Togo government building, here we received our visa for Togo which they definitely over charged us for but it is what they call Obroni tax (white people tax).  I could not really  argue with them because well otherwise they will just not let you into the country.  When we were paying I made a causal comment about it to the officer and he then suggested that he make it up to me by going to dinner with him once I declined he told me how he was a very powerful man and could show me the whole country.  I declined again, once we had gotten through we then needed to get into the City so we each took moto’s into the city because there is not regular taxi’s.  

While on the back of a motor bike driving right next to the Ocean I really felt like I was doing it… I was living life. This was very freeing, I had just crossed the Ghana-Togo border as a small white single female with another small white single female successfully.  On top of that I had properly managed to bargained for a reasonable price for a moto in french.   It was a moment that was freeing and made me realize that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.  


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