In Canada I always found it interesting why people from the same cultures/countries would stick together in groups.  I never really understood it until living in Ghana, I now see the importance of having someone that has gone through or is going through the same type of culture shock as yourself.  For the most part it is easy for me to relate to just about anyone from a North America or Northern European countries (Thanks to my exchange to Sweden).  But I have found that there are some expats that I cannot relate, too simple because there experience has been very different then my own.

Many expats here, are living the highlife.  They go to all of the really vancy restaurants and hotel pools, for the most part, they only see Ghanaians that are serving them.  Talking with them I get the impression that they think that just by being here makes them a better person and just by being here they are doing charity work. What really bothers me is that they have created an allusion on social media like they are actually integrating into the culture by posting picture that they have taken from Cabs and captioning it “morning walks” when in reality they have been spending their day at on of the most expensive pools in Accra.  Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

Talking to one woman who works as a nanny for a diplomate (I will leave out which country) and she said that within the house where she lives is sadly like modern slavery.  Some of the Ghanaian workers are not allowed to use the bathroom in the house and they make them eat in the pantry.  When she told me this I felt sick to my stomach and it was almost like I had gone back in time.

These expats think that they are giving and helping Ghana but in reality they are living the lives that they want but could not afford in there home nations.  They are reinforcing white privilege in a black nation.


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